The Elders and Session Members

Clerk of Session: Charles Biddix

Co-Treasurers: Ken Dewell and Herb Lawson

Trustees: Dan Stuckey (2019), Scott Eddy (2020), Howard Bogner (2021)

Moderator of Session: Louis Imsande

Class of 2019 Elders: Charles Biddix, Terri Lottchea, Ragan Ormand, Jacque Richardson, Steve Sisney

Class of 2020 Elders: Cari Brown, Ken Leach, Susie Lowenbach, Jeanne Quinn, Andrew Warren

Class of 2021 Elders: Jeff Bombich, Lewis Bowers, Bill Carpenter, Robin Daniels, Cecilia Dilworth


Class of 2019 Deacons: Leigh Eddy, Jean Monk, Jack Moree, Elaine Strong, Mary Spechko

Class of 2020 Deacons: Jill Fletcher, Page Mashburn, Carolyn Wolfe, Johnna Young

Class of 2021 Deacons: Virginia Bradshaw, Jack Dent, Heather Junkins, Adam Powley

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